Sgt Dekker Agent Red Myers
Sgt Karl Dekker
Commander of Special Agents in Megacity, USA.

Agent Red Myers
Interplanetary Special Agent for Earth, International Space Station
and Mars.

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The year is 2199, and a crisis is at hand. Agent Red Myers is summoned to Sgt Karl Dekker's office for a private meeting. "A covert mission" says Dekker, "that can determine the fate of thousands of lives on earth and it's colonies in space and Mars." He wants Agent Myers to go to Mars and rescue a model named Akita who is on the run from cyber-terrorist. Investigations indicate that Akita is hiding out in the entertainment city called Gomorrah, which is located in the Martian region of Cydonia where the mysterious "face" on Mars is located.

"So who is this girl, and why is she hiding on Mars?" Myers enquires.

"It seems like she is a main witness concerning the cyberterrorist that were responsible for those bombings of Corporate buildings in Miami." Dekker adds.

Myers: So, you got a picture of this chic or something so I'll know who I'm lookin' for?

Dekker (pulls a photo from out of his folder): Sure, here she is.

Supermodel on the run from cyberterrorists.

Dekker: Have your ever been to Gomorrah in the Cydonia region before?

Myers: Nope, don't think I have. That's the new Entertainment City right?

Dekker: That's right, Red. Here is a photo shot of the site.

"Alien Mars Base" by Slawek Wojtowicz

Entertainment City in Cydonia on Mars



Dekker: I need to give you some more information on the Martian terrain and atmosphere so you'll have an idea what to expect, and how to maneuver your way around the planet.
Myers: Hey, I've been to Mars before, so you don't need to...
Dekker: It doesn't matter, it's Interplanetary Agent procedures to give you this information. Here.